Past sites and projects

Past sites and blogs…

Tangible IP The group blog I started as part of my role at ipVA as their Head of Research.

The JISC-PoWR project, where I contributed some of the legal background to a Handbook on web preservation. You can see my slides in the presentation section of this site to an event we hosted as part of the project.

Freetrade Blog – blog for a research project that concluded in 2007 on free trade and IT based businesses. We focused on DR-CAFTA for the project. This site is archived, but the main research paper is available on SSRN.

Personality Rights Database – I built this site as part of a project for SCRIPT on personality rights. It’s a wiki tool on personality rights law from across the globe.

Cinema Minima – I blogged here and covered events such as the Edinburgh International Film Festival in 2007 and 2005.

In a holding pattern… the original blog / site that I started out with, now updated infrequently with IT law commentary. For some history here, check the Wayback Machine.