Gikii goes Swedish – 6th Gikii in Gothenberg

The 6th GikII conference, a gathering of geeks and law, is to be held at the IT University, Gothenberg, Sweden on June 26-28 2011.

Abstracts can be submitted until May 15th 2011.

The organisers, Lilian Edwards and Mathias Klang have apparently “already received submissions on, inter alia, the Twitter accounts of Abba, the legal personality of zombies, robot ethics and liability, law and virtual pornography, soft law in World of Warcraft, whistleblowing after Wikileaks, and the legal implications of time (or possibly the chronological implications of law)”.

If you have some off-the-wall legal paper screaming for the light of day and can make it to Sweden, submit! In case you’d like more:

In brief it is a small (c 40 people) blue-skies workshop, devoted to short, interesting papers about the intersecting worlds of law, technology and popular culture (not necessarily all at once). It has also been described as “stand up comedy for lawyers” and “like all the other conferences, only without the boring papers”. It thoroughly encourages non lawyers and interdisciplinary presentations. Powerpoints are (almost always) essential, LOLcats are ubiquitous, and geekery is more or less mandatory. A knowledge of recent iterations of the vampire genre, the works of Alan Moore and a healthy cynicism about the Singularity are also often helpful :-)

GikII is traditionally free (as in free-beer), and this includes the conference dinner (always good fun). So submit already.

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